C338B explained

By: snowgood

Mar 19 2014

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Category: Cornice, Coving, Orac Luxxus

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Focal Length:4.1mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:BlackBerry Q10

Today we had two fresh enquiries for the C338 Orac Luxxus coving with the attractive Baroque style ornamentation.

Today I want to clarify just what you get when buying the Baroque detailing, but first let me start at the beginning.

The Orac Luxxus C338 coving is the Big Daddy of our best selling Luxxus design, the smaller C217.

Each 2 metre length features a 180mm projection and 180mm height, and just like the concave C217 it features an attractive style line top and bottom.

What sets the C338A apart is the Baroque detailing moulded into the centre section.

In today’s photo we have a C338B “corner element” fresh out the box”.

“Since when were corners supplied in a straight length?” you may well ask.

Look again and you’ll see the indentation for your installer.

Simply take our FB14 saw and carefully cut down the diagonal line to make a perfect Baroque mitred corner section.

The remaining triangular “V” should be discarded.

All this might seem confusing, but their’s method in our madness.

Each piece should arrive in perfect condition, rather than spearing through the carton en route to site.


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