Orac C353 installation – work in progress

By: snowgood

Dec 02 2013


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I’ve been out to Hendon today, and decided to pop in on one of our newest customers.

“George” is building a fabulous £1.5 million house on a quiet street, and was happy to invite inside and show the work in progress.

In between phone calls he said, “You must see this”.

After disappearing up a ladder he was soon back holding all the off cuts from the Orac C353 coving.

The carpenter said he’d loved to working with our polyurethane mouldings, and wanted to show of his interpretation of how a ceiling roses might look.

Once it’s been bonded together with our Extra Fix adhesive, and given  a coat of paint it will compliment the coving nicely.

I love seeing how installers take Orac Decor to a new dimension.  I also appreciated the way he’d taken our tips to heart, and left the ceiling unpainted to give our FDP700 a better adhesion.

I’ll pop back in a few months time and show you what the house looks like just before it gets put on the market.

Watch this space!



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